C&G’s litigation practice is strong and extensive and includes representing and acting for its clients before courts and quasi-judicial bodies of all jurisdictions, levels and venues, as well as before administrative and legislative bodies, in the Philippines. The arbitration practice of the firm and its lawyers is similarly formidable and includes experience in international and domestic arbitration.

C&G has been cited as a ranking Philippine law firm in the Dispute Resolution field by Chambers & Partners in its 2010, 2011, 2012, and 2013 Asia-Pacific publications.

The firm and its lawyers have handled and tried a broad range of cases, including those involving the following matters:

· Banking
· Construction, engineering and infrastructure disputes
· Contracts
· Corporate restructuring and rehabilitation
· Criminal law
· Debt recovery
· Energy Regulatory Commission requirements
· Environmental law
· Enforcement of foreign judgments and arbitral awards
· Expropriation
· Family law
· Intellectual property law
· Intra-corporate controversies
· Investments
· Land and mineral and other natural resources
· Labor and employment law
· Maritime casualties
· Medical malpractice claims
· Privatization and government contracts
· Public utilities
· Securities
· Settlement of estates
· Taxation and other governmental impositions.

The firm and its lawyers have substantial experience in international and domestic arbitration dealing with commercial and construction disputes, including those conducted under the auspices of the International Chamber of Commerce, the UNCITRAL, and the Construction Industry Arbitration Commission. They have also been involved in ad hoc arbitrations. The firm recently assisted in a multi-million dollar International Chamber of Commerce arbitration in Hong Kong involving a leading Philippine power generation company and two major multinational oil companies, and for which the participation of two Queen’s Counsels and prominent American and British law firms was likewise required. The litigation and arbitration matters the firm is presently handling include a multi-billion peso arbitration proceeding involving a major mining project in the Philippines.

C&G and its lawyers are committed advocates of their clients’ causes, and are focused on providing competent, timely, and efficient representation, regardless of the tribunal or venue. The firm’s advocacy extends beyond court rooms, as it also endeavors to give sound and practical counsel to its clients with the aim of avoiding or minimizing, and managing the risks of, litigation and of ensuring the quick, effective, and successful resolution of disputes, bearing in mind the best interests of the firm’s clients.

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