Commercial Litigation

C&G Law’s litigation practice is strong and extensive, and includes representing and acting for its clients before courts and quasi-judicial bodies of all jurisdictions, levels and venues, as well as before administrative and legislative bodies, in the Philippines.  The arbitration practice of the firm and its lawyers is similarly formidable and includes experience in international and domestic arbitrations (see[International and Domestic Arbitration]”).

The firm’s litigation experience covers a diverse range of subjects, such as contractual disputes, product liability, torts, medical malpractice, intra-corporate controversies, enforcement of foreign judgements and arbitral awards, natural resources and environmental law, public utilities, taxes and other governmental impositions, corporate rehabilitation, and banking and securities law.

C&G Law also has experience in conducting audits/reviews for clients to determine compliance with specific laws (including competition law), and in leading internal investigations on alleged transgressions by clients’ personnel and advising clients on the legal actions that it can take against erring personnel.

C&G Law and its lawyers are committed advocates of their clients’ causes, and are focused on providing competent, timely, and efficient representation, regardless of the tribunal or venue.  The firm’s advocacy extends beyond court rooms, as it also endeavors to give sound and practical counsel to its clients with the aim of avoiding or minimizing, and managing the risks of, litigation and of ensuring the quick, effective, and successful resolution of disputes, bearing in mind the best interests of the firm’s clients.

Recent work:

  • Advising a leading multinational energy company on various legal and regulatory issues involving a build-operate-transfer agreement for the development and operation of a water delivery facility with a hydroelectric power generation component.
  • Representing several leading Philippine power generation companies in proceedings before the Supreme Court (the highest court in the Philippines) where various cause-oriented groups and lawmakers have challenged the validity of certain laws and regulations relating to (a) the automatic adjustment mechanism for collecting electricity generation charges, (b) offering generation capacity to the electricity spot market, (c) the gross pool concept adopted by the electricity spot market, (d) the characterization of generation companies as non-public utilities, (e) cross-ownership restrictions in the power sector, and (f) alleged anti-competitive behavior.
  • Representing a number of leading independent power producers in various proceedings before the Energy Regulatory Commission.
  • Advising and representing the Philippine subsidiary of an Australian mining company on various regulatory, right-of-way, and litigation concerns relating to is mining contract with the Philippine Government.
  • Representing two creditors of the country’s leading producer of phosphatic fertilizer in the latter’s corporate rehabilitation proceedings.
  • Assisting clients in internal audits/investigations of irregularities in the procurement of goods and services by employees and alleged bid rigging.
  • Representing private complainants as well as respondents in anti-graft and plunder criminal and administrative cases before the courts, Department of Justice, and the Office of the Ombudsman.