Labor and Employment

C&G Law advises on labor and employment laws. The firm helps its clients identify and resolve actual and potential concerns and issues in connection with or relation to labor standards and employee benefits; the recruitment of employees; the preparation and review of employment contracts; the deployment of employees overseas; the formulation of company policies, programs and regulations; employee transfers, reorganizations, redundancy, and other personnel movements; the labor aspects or implications of corporate mergers and acquisitions; the imposition of sanctions on employees; business closures; certification elections and other union concerns; and similar matters.  The firm also assists clients in the conduct of internal investigations in connection with employee fraud or negligence or other misconduct.

The firm has substantial experience in labor disputes and related proceedings, as it has represented clients from various sectors before the National Labor Relations Commission, the Department of Labor and Employment, and other tribunals.

The firm also advises on immigration law matters (including deportation and naturalization proceedings) and assists clients in obtaining working visas, alien employment permits, and alien certificates of registration.

Recent work:

  • Represents clients against actions or claims filed by employees.
  • When the parent company of a client acquired the energy business of a global energy and transportation entity, resulting in the absorption by the client of the Philippine based employees of the acquired business, C&G Law assisted in the successful migration of the absorbed employees to the client’s existing retirement plan.
  • Advised a provider of outsourced recruitment process services on how it may legally assist its clients with their Philippine recruitment requirements in light of the prohibition against foreign entities from engaging in recruitment and placement activities in respect of Philippine workers.
  • Provided clients seeking to establish Philippine entities and commence operations here with comprehensive advice on matters necessary for it to comply with Philippine employment law requirements, including advice on the Philippine labor law framework and environment, and the preparation of key employment related contracts and policies.
  • When a client recently streamlined its operations and had to implement an employee redundancy program, C&G Law advised the client on how to properly terminate the employments of the affected workers and assisted it in the proper implementation and documentation of the redundancy program.
  • Advised various clients on the restructuring of the compensation packages of its employees; the mitigation of risks attendant to the erroneous recognition of retirement benefit service credits in favor of numerous non-entitled personnel; and compliance with the rules on contracting arrangements.