International Services

In the context of today’s globalized business environment, C&G Law is fully equipped to advise or assist clients regarding cross border and multijurisdictional transactions, ventures, and activities, and legal issues and disputes that may arise from such transactions, ventures and activities.

C&G lawyers routinely advise foreign companies in entering or pursuing business opportunities in the Philippines across different industries.  Being exposed to foreign markets, diverse cultures, and transactions and ventures with foreign parties, our lawyers’ work ethic is compatible with the business cultures and professional standards in major commercial centers across the globe, and we are able to anticipate issues from a foreign party’s perspective.

In advising Philippine-based and foreign clients in relation to expanding to foreign markets, our lawyers, who make themselves thoroughly familiar with the client’s business operations and interests, are particularly effective in working with foreign counsel in structuring ventures and transactions and flagging issues from the client’s perspective.  Our lawyers have advised or been involved in business transactions, ventures and projects in Thailand, Pakistan, Indonesia, India, Myanmar, Vietnam, Japan, South Korea, People’s Republic of China, and the United States of America.

As to disputes between or among Filipino and foreign parties, our disputes lawyers are among leading practitioners in arbitration and other modes of dispute resolution before arbitral and other tribunals.  In disputes before foreign courts, our litigators advise on Philippine law issues from the standpoint of foreign legal cultures.

As a member of the Rajah & Tann Asia Legal Network, C&G lawyers receive updates regarding legal developments and insights relating to best practices across the region. Our associates enjoy training opportunities through the network’s secondment program and exchanges with colleagues across the network.  In relation to cross-border and foreign or multijurisdictional ventures, our clients receive seamless services from a team of advisors from different member-firms.

Our sensitivity to foreign cultures is demonstrated by our lawyers’ involvement in foreign and ethnic chambers of commerce and other trade associations.  We maintain a Japan desk and a China desk that serve our Japanese and Chinese clientele.

With such background and resources, C&G Law is able to offer unparalleled services in the following areas:

  • Cross-border business contracts and transactions
  • Foreign joint ventures
  • Outbound and inbound foreign investments
  • Foreign acquisitions
  • Agent and distributor marketing and sales agreements
  • Franchising
  • International taxation
  • Human resource planning
  • Arbitration before foreign arbitral bodies
  • Advising on Philippine law issues in relation to disputes before foreign courts
  • Enforcement of judgment in various Asian and other jurisdictions